New!! Voice messaging with fax to email 086 number

Use your existing 086 fax to email number or get a free number
and use it for both fax to email and for voice message to email!!

  • Get your messages via email
  • It's free to receive voice messages
  • The 086 number to free
  • Use as a fax to email number
  • Sign up easily now!

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How voice message to email works with 086 number

Get a fax to email number with voicemail

Step 1:
A person calls your 086 number

Get 086 number with voicemail

Step 2:
The system prompts the caller to leave a voice message

Get voice messages sent to your email

Step 3:
The voice message is then forwarded to your email address

086 number with voicemail and fax to email

Step 4:
You listen to the message on your computer, tablet, mobile / device

Get a free number

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Test existing number

Call your 086 number, leave a message, look for the email message in your inbox!
Note: that the calls to your 086 number are charged for.


Keep your home and mobile numbers private
If you do not want agents or other people to have your number you can tell them to contact you and leave a message and you will get back to them.

Use your existing 086 number or get a new one
You can use your existing 086 fax to email number or you can get an 086 number free to use for both voice messages to email and fax to email.

Have a free number in South Africa, work anywhere
The number is South African based so if you are dealing with people in South Africa they cal call your 086 number and leave you a message. You can get your messages from anywhere you can get your email.

Send yourself a reminder by voicemail
Use your 086 number to leave a voice mail reminder that you can listen to down the line.

Use your 086 number as fax to email number:
You can also receive faxes using your 086 number. Faxes will be sent to your email address. You can read your faxes without having to print them out and get them anywhere you have email access.

The person calling the 086 number pays the cost. You get the messages via email for free.