How to get a fax to email number

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Part 1: Getting a number / Sign up Free

Get a fax number to email

Step 1: Get number

Now that you have decided to receive your faxes you will need to get a fax to email number linked / setup with your email address. The process is very simple all you need to do is enter your details in the signup box. and the system will automatically allocate you an 086 fax to email number. Sign up now

Step 2: Activate

You will then need to activate the fax to email number, you will receive an email that will explain to you how to activate the number. If you do not receive this email and reply accordingly your fax to email will not work.

Share your fax number

Step 3: Distrubute number

Once your number is activated you can give the new fax to email number to your clients and friends etc. We recommend that you test the system by sending a test fax to your new fax to email number.

Part 2: Using The system / fax converted to email

Send faxes to an email address

Step 4: Sending Faxes

Now that clients and other people have your fax to email number they are able to send you faxes as they would have before, they just send a fax to the fax to email number that you have been allocated. The sender pays the costs to send the faxes, its free to you the receiver.

Convert faxes to emails

Step 5: Converting faxes

After the sender of the fax sends a fax to your number, the fax is converted to an email attachment and forwarded as in image (pdf / tiff) to your email address.

Receive faxes as emails

Step 6: Faxes arrive as email

The email with the attachment arrives in your email, all you need to do is open the attachment on your computer using image viewing software that is usually already installed on your computer to view you faxes, there is no need to print them to view them.

Part 3: Managing faxes / store, forward, delete or print

Manage your faxes online

Step 7: Manage faxes

Once you have viewed the fax on your screen you can decide if you would like to print out the faxes, delete the fax, forward the fax or store the fax on disk or other storage device.

Get additional fax numbers to email

Step 8: Additional free fax numbers

If you need additional fax number for streamlining the distribution of incoming faxes to the correct departments or people, then sign up for more fax to email numbers for free.

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