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Reasons to get a fax to email number

Fax to email is free. There are no software costs, there are no hardware costs. All you need is email and a PC, mobile or tablet to get your email on and open your emails with. The sender pays the cost to send you fax to email.
Who wants to use a fax machine these days? You have to make sure it has ink and paper, it prints on terrible paper and you have to get up to fetch your faxes. Rather click on your email and view faxes from your computer, mobile or tablet from anywhere without printing!
There is no need to print our your faxes if you can view them on your screen. With fax to email you simply click to open your email and view your faxes on the screen of the device you are using. You can print the faxes that you need copies of but there is no need to print every fax that comes through to your fax number.
Since you are able to view your faxes o your computer, you will no longer have to print out faxes just to view them, This means that you wont need to use ink or paper to see your faxes. However you can still print out the important faxes that you need copies of.
Faxes arrive in your email as attachments; you can handle your fax attachments like you handle any other attachments. You can forward the faxes to other people (multiple if you like), you can delete them, save them for backup or even print the faxes that you need copies of out.
One of the best things about fax to email is that no matter where you are in the world you can get your faxes. All you need is your email and you can download and view your faxes! Take you laptop, mobile or tablet and you are free to roam the world while receiving faxes. If you are on the road you no longer have to rush back to the office to get your faxes, simply get them anywhere and deal with them as you chose on the run.
If you would like a dedicated fax number for your business so that you can avoid engaged signals when sharing your phone line than fax to email is perfect. Free up your phone line by using fax to email and get your faxes using your internet connection instead of your phone line.
Yes, fax machines are a pain, they constantly need paper, ink, they jam, they break, they cause engaged signals and are generally a pain to operate. Plus standard fax paper quality is terrible and fades. You need fax to email right now!
Sharing an office fax machine means that everyone in the office could see your incoming faxes. With fax to email, you faxes go to your email so you can view them on your own machine without prying eyes.
Use your normal printer to print out the faxes or even just part of the faxes that you need. You can select the pages you need printed. Avoid fading paper and bad quality prints!
In order to use fax to email you need an email address, internet connection and a device capable of opening image files. Most devices can open PDF files, but if you don’t have the software you can get Adobe acrobat reader free of charge and use this to view your faxes.