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  • Receive faxes via you mobile phone / device
  • View faxes on PC, mobile, smart phone or laptop
  • Only print faxes you need hardcopies of
  • Privacy of fax viewing on your mobile
  • No hardware or software needed
  • Signup it take a few minutes!

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Get your faxes sent to your mobile device, using fax to email!

In a world where just about everything has become mobile, we are glad to say that yes you can receive faxes using a mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop and almost any other mobile device that has email and can open image / document files. You may wonder how this could be possible, but in fact its pretty simple and quite easy to setup and use and on top of that the fax to mail numbers and service is free to the receiver. Mobile phone fax to email works much like any other fax mail numbers. All you need is a mobile phone, smart phone or tablet etc that has email or a browser that can open your email on it. Apart from that you may also need image viewing software that can open pdfs and tiff files as this is the format the faxes arrive in. Of course you will need (as with email in general) an internet connection of some sort to get your email downloaded in the first place.

How mobile device fax Mail works

The system works the following way. A person sends you the fax from their fax machine the usually way using your fax to email number. The system will then convert that fax that has been sent to you to an attachment in tiff or pdf format document / image. The fax document / image is then added to an email that is addressed to you. The email address that it is sent to is specified by you when you set up your fax to email number. When you next download or view your emails you will receive the faxes as an attachment to an email. All that you then need to do on your mobile device is to open the email and then the fax to email attachment to view the fax. You therefore do not need any software installed other than email and image viewer, both of which are usually setup on most devices by default.

Mobile fax 2 mail Benefits

Some of the benefits of getting faxes sent to your mobile phone include the fact that you can view that faxes on your phone instead of rushing back to the office, you do not need to print the faxes out to view them as you can read it on your mobile phones screen. You can also forward the faxes to other people or you can print them out when you get back to the office. Save paper, time and money by viewing your faxes on your mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, laptop. You can even get your faxes at an internet caf´┐Ż using your email and opening the faxed attachment!

How to register and use the mobile fax to email service

In order to register a fax - email number for your phone, you need to complete the signup form. This should not take longer than a few minutes to do, if not even less than a minute. You will be allocated a fax to email number free of charge and will be required to activate it via the email address you enter on setup. Give out the mobile fax to email number and ensure that you have your email setup on your mobile phone / device. When people fax your number the faxes will arrive as email in your inbox! Simply click on the attached files to view your faxes.

Changing smart phones or email address

If you ever need to change your mobile number and are concerned that you will no longer be able to receive faxes, there is no need to worry. Mobile numbers are not linked to your fax number. Only your email address is linked to the fax to email number. This means that it will work on your mobile as long as the email address that you specified is setup. You can even change the email address that is linked to your fax to email number if you get a new email address and would prefer to use the new one, just login and change you email address that you want the faxes to be sent to.

Some brands that should be capable of receiving fax to email include

The following mobile / smart phones brands should be able to handle fax to email: Alcatel, Apple (iphone, ipad), BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, the operating systems they use that should be able to receive faxes on a mobile phone are Apple OS, Andriod, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Most smart phones, mobiles and tablets with email, browsers and image / document viewing software should be capable of receiving faxes via email and opening them for viewing on the mobile device.

086 fax to email number automatically allocated

We offer 086 number ranges for fax to email in South Africa only. The means that your fax number will start with the 086 prefix and may only work within South Africa. The fax number is allocated automatically when you submit the sign up form. The service is free to the receiver, because the sender pays a higher than usual fee when sending faxes to 086 fax 2 email mobile numbers to support the operations of the fax number service.

Create your mobile phone / mobile device fax to email number now, by using the signup form above!