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  • Receive faxes using your Gmail
  • Easy fax to email with Gmail solution
  • Get faxes whereever you have your gmail
  • Use Gmail on mobile phone to access faxes!
  • No software, just Gmail, email, image viewer
  • Get a free fax number and use with Gmail now

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How to use Fax to Email with gmail for South African faxes?

Firstly you will need to get a fax number using the signup form, complete this using your Gmail email address and activate the fax number via the confirmation email. Give out your fax to email number.
When people fax to your fax to email number the faxes will be converted to an email attachment by the system and sent via email to your gmail inbox.
Simply login or refresh your gmail email in box and the faxes will arrive as an email. Click on the email to open the file and view the files using a image viewer, Google docs can usually also be used to open your pdf faxes when using Gmail.
Remember to check your Gmail spam filters to ensure that the incoming faxes to Gmail are not being filtered out as spam.
You can now get your faxes via gmail using fax 2 email instead of using a fax machine to get your inbound faxes!