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Fax to Email FAQ

What is a fax to email number?

A fax to email number is a service to get faxes sent to your email instead of to your fax machine. This can be accessed on almost any pc, laptop, mobile etc that has email and image viewing software.

How does it work?

When you sing up for fax to email you enter your email address and get allocated a free fax to email number, when people fax you number the faxes are forwarded as an email attachment to your email address.

What do I need to use fax to email?

All you need is a computer, laptop or mobile device that can receive and open email attachments.

How do I get fax to email?

Complete the signup form on this website, you will automatically be allocated an 086 South African fax to email number. Activate the account via the email instructions. Give out the number to people that need to fax you. The faxes will arrive in your email inbox.

Who can use fax to email?

Anyone that needs a South African fax number can use the fax services to get their faxes sent to an email address anywhere.

What are the benefits of using fax to email?

There are several reasons to use fax mail. You can get faxes via email instead of using a fax machine, print only the faxes you need and save money on paper, toner and fax machine costs, plus its eco friendly. You can view your faxes from any location providing you have email and can open the fax files.

Where can I get my faxes?

You can get your faxes anywhere in the world that you have email access.

What devices can I view my faxes on?

Any machine that can receive emails and view tiff / PDF images including PC / computer, mobile / smart phones, tables etc.

Do I need to install any software?

No, if you have email and an image viewer installed (usually by default) then you do not need to install any additional software.

How can the faxmail numbers and service be free?

The service is free to the person receiving the faxes by email. The person sending the faxes get charged an additional fee to send you the faxes.

Is fax to email more eco friendly?

We believe that not having to print out every fax to view them is more eco friendly. Why print out faxes you do not need copies of?

Is fax to email more efficient?

You can easily view faxes without having to wait for them to print, saving time, you can forward faxes to people without having to print and resend them, you can also delete or save the faxes as you choose. On top of that you can have a fax number per department or per person even, so faxes can be sent directly to peoples inbox. They do not need to leave their desks to get the faxes!

Could faxmail be more private then fax machine usage?

Since faxes arrive in the email address that you specify on signup, rather than printing on a central office fax machine for the entire office to see, it should be more private.

Can I keep my fax to email number if I move office?

Your fax to email number is not linked at all to your landline, instead it is linked to your email address, it therefore should not matter where you move to as long as you keep your email address.