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About 011 fax to email numbers:

Many companies and individuals can use an 011 fax number to give clients the impression that they have a local office in the 011 Johannesburg area in Gauteng. This means that when people who are potential clients see your 011 fax number they believe that you are likely to be based in the 011 Joburg area code. This virtual fax number service allows you to target clients that feel more comfortable dealing with companies in the 011 Joburg fax number area, by giving them that impression! When the caller faxes your 011 number the faxes are forwarded to your email address as a picture file no matter when in the world you are. The person that sends that fax is not aware that your fax number is virtual or that the faxes are being forwarded. Gain more business by creating peace of mind for local number preferred clients!

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Benefits of an 011 fax to email number

Give your callers the impression that you have a local Johannesburg office in the 011 dialing code in Gauteng.

Do business from anywhere in the world but give callers the impression you have a local office in JHB, South Africa.

Plus all the benefits of a free fax to email number!

What is a virtual 011 fax number?

Instead of having a traditional fax line and number installed by Telkom the virtual number is used to receive faxes and send them to your email address as a picture file. This means that you no longer need to have a new line installed and a new number, just get a virtual 011 fax to email number.